Marine Park

The marine park of pulau kapas


Keep Kapas Clean

Responsible tourism is essential in a marine park island to preserve the natural beauty and marine life. Visitors should respect the park’s regulations, such as not touching or feeding the marine animals, staying on designated paths, and properly disposing of waste. Supporting local businesses and sustainable activities, such as snorkeling or diving tours, can also benefit the local community and promote conservation efforts. By practicing responsible tourism, we can ensure the protection of the marine park’s delicate ecosystem for future generations to enjoy.

Sea Turtles Conservation

Kapas Turtles is a small community-based project focusing on turtle conservation in Pulau Kapas. This group, of very enthusiastic volunteers from different backgrounds, was formed in 2021 and we have taken this mission on as an act of personal, social and ecological responsibility to carry out a program to assist the survival of this endangered species.

Island Conservation

Organising various activities and campaigns aimed at educating and involving both tourists and local residents alike in the fight to keep Kapas naturally beautiful as it was, is and should forever be.